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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  September 8, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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and the woman hit the beg time. breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. have a great afternoon. your world with neal cavuto starts right now. >> all right. we're on those numbers. kentucky, you ever heard now kim davis is not going down without a fight. six days in jail this kentucky clerk has decided she might have a different interpretation of what some judges told her to do than what they thought they told her to do. the bottom line is this has become a -- and one that the fo former -- this could be a slippery slope for her and the party. listen. >> it's not an exception to it. if she didn't want to do it,
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have one of her deputy clerks do it. you cannot eignore the supreme court decision whether you like it or not and you've sworn an oath to uphold the constitution and administer the law. >> no matter your personal views especially if you're administering constitutional duty in your office, it's not worth fighting the supreme court. that's for you that's been echoed for high-rising presidential candidates. ohio governor will be joining us. while he commends the personal belief davis brings to the issue, it is the law of the land and time to move on. now, back to amy on how this issue could be impacting this race. it comes at a time republicans like to get issues like these off the table so they can focus on the economic ones that are going to be their bread and
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butter. >> republicans would be really unwise to ignore traditional values which under ger the republican party. a lot has been made of the fact that 50% of the nation supports gay marriage. 41% disagree with the supreme court ruling and leading up to the ruling a majority of the nation supports the state's rights to choose. the republican party would be very unwise to egg noignore tha. >> there is this bring where the supreme courts, i think what they're saying is law of the land, it is what it is, personal agreement is not withstanding. you have to honor that law, especially if you are, you know, duly appointed law officer of the united states government and sworn to uphold the constitution
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you're ignoring today. >> neal, there's no doubt about that. kim davis took an oath and had to implement that as the supreme court articulated them. that being said, republicans by and large are worried that the xttep is going to happen. you're going to see the mosque, synagogue and church lose their taxes and status. that's the problem, neal. >> just wondering where this goes. you could make an argument personally. there's so many rulings, abortions among them and of course, a lot of people who will not adhere to that and those who were there at hospitals and institutions that honor the practice of abortion. they opt out for religious reasons and through this period they have been given special room to do so. this might be a different case, though, right. >> it's'very deferent case. look, when you enter into the private sector and force the hands of the baker, when you
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force the hand of the florist to engage in something. >> this is not a baker or florist. this is someone who admitted maerj license and knows with that comes responsibility to issue the law of the land. that's where i draw a distinct. >> when you're a public official elected sworn uphold the states she had to do that. when your a religious institution and church, that's where the government cannot force your hand. that's the next step. you're going to see those big problems and i'm glad mike huckabee is bringing this to light and important knowledge to this issue. >> whatever your views are, i want to thank you. mike huckabee did seize on these elements today. the fact of the matter is he and
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senator ted cruise, most of the other presidential candidates have opted out. they probably wish it would go away. it is an issue i'm going to be raising with ohio governor who will be joining me later in this broadcast because it's become one of those issues that galvanizes the political right of this. another one is the iran deal. former vice president dick chen cheney, we have all determined our seat at the hands of the iranians. we go to jack oz and it's almost embedded in this agreement, an agreement that looks more and more likely to pass. i say pass with quotation marks because it will be rejected in the house and senate but as you know by now, with 41 clear yes votes it will avoid any attempt to override a presidential.
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we're going to get into what he had to say. is it too little too late? >> yes. we already know that the president of the united states is the one in charge of foreign policy. elections have consequences. we don't always love it but republicans need to be very careful we're not trying to take away power from the president because we may find ourselves in the white house and are going to want to undo that. i think it was wrong to make this deal not a treaty. senator corker and other senators should have fought hard to make it a treaty. there's one benefit to the fact that it's not a treaty and we would been able to stop it since it's classified that way but since it's not, the next president of the united states could come in and dissolve the whole deal and go back to the security counsel and try to get international pressure back on
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the iran canadians. >> what would th-- iranians. >> it is what it is. now i'm wondering and i think the vice president has indicated as well as the former vice president, the new president will come tear this up. it's a new point because the other countries have gone along. >> well, we have to start over for sure. it's a mute point in that we're not going to be able to snap sanctions back on. that's a ridiculous idea. we are going to be able to go back and convince the security counsel or try to convince the security counsel that the iranians are not complying. we have seen since 2006 multiple pages, husbands ndreds of pages where they refused to tell the
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ieaa. if there's an inspection they write a report. they're not pushing their way in. they go back to their office and write a report and that report goes back to the u.n. all of that can be manipulated if we have a powerful ambassador to make the case the iranians are not doing the deal and we could then start back with international sanctions. make no mistake we'll not get into other sites like the oba - obama-carey deal. they're not going to do it without sanctions. >> thank you, very, very much. i want to let you know what's going on. a big, big rally. in fact, a good way to start off what's been a pretty sloppy post labor day market here. we had been down in the month. still down in the month. 390 points of that coming today.
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a lot of deals made today. about a $10 million in companies buying their own stock. all the key components were up including today ibm. warren buffet indicating he's buying for ibm. he's big on the issue when down a few weeks back. this is a rally that is in 2% return to cross all the major markets. apple included among them with big announcements. new iphone, i bpadipad. who knows with this accompany. it is what it is. host of making money of what he makes of the bounce back as you always educate and reminded me, charles, market bounce back and bounce down and we have triple digit moves. >> common place these days up until three weeks ago this was the narrowist trading day in history. it was a dull boring market and you know what broke out.
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a lot of it has to do with china and the global economy. big question marks here. on wall street they like to talk about the real guys, big guys, the movers and shakers they're in the hamptons and away. they don't play the market. >> we have super men, you know very well you've had them on your show. anyway, he's a very successful market guy. the boom market is not over. alive and well, warren buffet today believes the underpinments are fine. you and i believe after the 89
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crash, when there's downdrafts anduys step forward to say everything's okay and you see companies buy back their own stock and believing they're under valued and deals are ensued as well, that's a good under pinning. >> the market is not at levels where it imploded before. to any sort of enthusiasm, there's zero enthusiasm in fact when it comes to the stock market. you don't get in a cabin and someone's tratding a market between fairs. having said that, i remember 87. >> everyone's into it. that's not what's going on. in 87 we were down at the open to the point where i was like oh my goodness. i want this to be my career. i went out to the bar, neal. one of the guys from my office walked by and said how bad was it. he said i'm not going back in.
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i went back in and started calling clients and it ended up being one of the best buying moments. i didn't know then. >> i went to a bakery and just loaded up september as you remind me is the worst of them all. much depends on china. i guess they're instituting seventh breakers. >> the big speculation in china, the exports are down, imports are down. here's the thing. everyone's expecting china to put people to work. even though we fenger pointed china, they have assets. they might do something really big. >> market was up this morning on the notion they will. >> i think china is dealing with the dell kate balance.
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once you take people off a bicycle and put them in cars, you can't take them off the bicycle. >> that is well put. charles,less than about an hour and 45 minutes from now, i don't think you'll be going to a bar. >> you never know. >> you actually never know. thank you, but did i, very much. thanks. >> hillary clinton is rebooting her impanel. she thinks that the world seems to think she's too serious. the world has known her for decades now. is it too late to try to humor things? donald trump is in another fight. they've exchanged nasty tweets. we're going to talk to them on whether this is going too far and whether the donald might be misrepresenting this. who knows.
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all right. if you reboot something, i guess we're in windows 10 or 15. hillary clinton is trying to reboot her image talking about showing more humor. that's the way she is. she doesn't think the public notices. the problem is the public has known her for several decades. david is tweeting this. today's new story on hrc. something is going on here. is it too late to make a better
1:18 pm
impression? what do you think, tim? >> well, she has been in the public eye for 30 years. more than that as you said. and i think it would be difficult for her personally to actually pull this off. i mean, planning might make sense in some context but coming from hillary clinton means they're going to run like focus groups. spend tens of thousands of dollars and see what whitty things she should say or how she should dance and that sort of thing. is it too late? you've got to look at the calender. we are four months out from iowa. anything can change. she should even become sort of almost likable or likable enough as obama would say between now and january. >> all right. now, if it's such a thing as a good time to be having a tough time, it's now. now the expectations can change with the trail in new mexico notary public and her having a
1:19 pm
real fight in iowa. you can come away and say what better time than to change the perception than now. what i'm wondering is how you change your personal exception and do so actively. i guess richard nixon tried to agree with the campaign he ran and john f. kennedy to the run we ran in 1968. even then it doesn't change the person. can she pull this off? >> i think that's exactly the right question. what you seen in the past is candidates who themselves sort of get over coached. they get boxed in and there's the south and reagan be reagan and that sort of thing and their real personality can come out where they say i'm going get a personality transplant. they're framing this as she's a fun loving person. >> maybe it's here. i've seen her in these sort of unscripted venues going back
1:20 pm
sometime here where i think when the people are away from the handlers and this supplies to the right and left of canada, he or she will do better and i think she hinted at some of that in her interview with mitchell last week. i want you to react to this. >> what are you bing watching? >> right now we are so late in watching house of cards we're nearly done with the season. text or e-mail. we ask jeb busch bush and we're asking you. >> e-mail. >> we're told she apologized for the e plil controversy. having said that, can she indeer herself. myth romney did so after the fact with the netflix documentary probably in his case too late. but we all are human beings and all have a different side that
1:21 pm
maybe is not with the public but i always wonder can it work for politicians, what do you think? >> i think with many politicians again, it can work. the problem is it just seemed like, what are her hobbies? you know romney and these other guys have their exercise or they have a hobby or they go hunting. with hillary clinton, it seems like she spent 40 years trying to become president of the united states. that takes it and makes it harder for her to humanize herself. when she does other things she's doing it so she can become likable. i'm going to say anything's possible in politics but i do not see her becoming human, joeville and that likable in the next four months. >> all right. bill de blasio meanwhile, you've got some accompany after this. . i started with pills. and now i take a long-acting insulin at night. i take mine in the morning. i was trying to eat right, stay active. but i wasn't reaching my a1c goal anymore. man: my doctor says diabetes changes over time.
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all right. she's the clerk who is thrown the whole legal world for a bit of -- right now. kim davis, that kentucky clerk who would not issue marriage license to gays is out after spending six days in prison. her lawyer joins me right now. good to have you. >> thank you. >> here's where i'm confused. maybe you can help me. what's agreed to here that got her out? i'm getting different takes on it. will she be able to issue license or out of the picture? >> there was nothing agreed to today and there was nothing agreed to last thursday. we're in the same situation. nothing has been resolved. the judge without any notice to us incarcerated her and today let her go. >> there was no deal made where her underlaying, the offense,
1:26 pm
would issue licenses to gays who was to marry or that she would not have to sign off on any of these personally. any of that true? any of that altered or data to prove, what? >> none of that was proved or offered. we asked from the very beginning and we did it last thursday again. we still asked that her religious convictions be accounted so her name and title be removed from the marriage certificate. that's a simple accommodation. the court could order that. in kentucky they can pass a law. nothing has changed since last thursday. >> how did they explain her release today? >> when he encars rated her six days, there's no change. i don't know why he did it but there's no change in the circumstances and there's no change in kim davis'.
1:27 pm
>> you're a lawyer and i know you can't give confidences but that doesn't make sense to me. he wouldn't release her without the deception of a deal or agreement in place. that never came up? no agreement, nothing at all? >> not at you will. >> does she have her old job back? >> she does. she's going to return to her job later this week but will not violate her conscious. it's just as besettling to us. the resolution is simple but never pursued by the court or legislature. you have to come back in session to do it. nothing offered, nothing different than there was last thursday. >> she gets her old job back? she's still in charge of issuing marriage licenses? >> that's correct. so she could still disapprove or for bid two gays. >> right now she's not issuing
1:28 pm
any license because the laws in kentucky say that trying to issue to someone that don't have the license so she's not issues licenses at all. >> are her underlinks, is it your understanding that her underlinks are five or six under or have the power to issue licenses to gays? >> they have a pouwer to issue licenses. the problem is that if kim davis' name is on it and it's on her title whether she personally hands out about whether it's the same thing. >> her name is not on it. not for these two getting married, you know how i feel and the underlink still approves the marriage license, it doesn't matter, right. >> no, if it's president barack
1:29 pm
obama or the united states, it's the same person. even though his name isn't on assertive ka-- assertiv sir >> she goes back to her old job and nothing changes and you're a lawyer aobviously, a pretty goo one, the state ruled on this and whether or not you like it, it's the law of the land. right. >> what the supreme court ruled on was the issue of marriage. so she's only asking for her religious freedom to be accommodated. >> she's not a baker or someone who runs a pizza shop. she issues licenses for marriage. the supreme court ruled gays should be entitled to. so that analogy really doesn't hold up, does it. >> she doesn't lose her constitutional rights just because she runs her public office. >> no, no.
1:30 pm
this isn't a public office. she issues marriage license. this is the law of the land. must be honored by those who are sworn into an office protected by the constitution, right. >> well, no. the supreme court never addressed the religious liberty conflict which they knew was coming. this is one of the first places in the country in reforwards ga public official. this is going to be addressed in each state. >> she could rule against a gay couple trying to get a license. she could be right back at the clink. >> that is the possibility because nothing has been resolved in the last six days. >> all right. matt, i'm fairly confused but thank you for taking the time. that's kim davis' attorney. if we read what he said at case value, john is going to react. he says there has been a ruling
1:31 pm
by the supreme court and he wasn't a favor of the ruling. it is the law of the land and would not interfere. what happens now? stick around. úr#b
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>> all right. trump, i want a quote from a letter that seems to distinguish itself from trump saying the group was begging him for money. enclosed is a letter for mr. trump. david mcintosh is president of club for growth. he signed the letter and now donald trump is saying, i think, basically, it was bogus and you guys were begging. thought you guys were ripping him off. where are relations now? you guys talked since? >> we have not talked since the meeting. he invited me to his office and said i like what you do and i want to give you money so we sent the letter. >> i'm sorry, david. you first met with him and talked about the idea of him giving money. >> he brought it up. he liked what we did. i told him, look, we disagree
1:36 pm
with you about raising taxes. we disagree with you about tariffs on chinese goods. nonetheless, he said send me a letter, we'll send you something. i think, neal, he's that type of entertainer that's on reality tv shows. i think he might have been thinking i'll give them money and the club will be quiet. four years ago we pointed out his health care program was more liberal than barack obama's. we pointed out the taxes would be a disaster. >> why did you hit him up for money? >> we would accept money for anybody. t >> we weren't going to be silent. that's what we're doing now is pointing out donald trump's probably the most liberal guy
1:37 pm
running for president. well, with the possible exception of bernie sanders. >> if he had given you the million dollars would you and i be chatting right now? >> sure, we would be. the club is going to do what the club does. we have for years pointed out when liberals are running and the republican primary that they're not pro growth. we pointed out great candidates like ted cruise, marco rubio and errand paul running. that's our job. >> what is it that erks you the most about him? that is a very at that point, at least, is a very popular broad base approach that might help a republican nominee in a general election. >> you know, neal, he has a long list of lib rap policies. he's per single payer. more liberal government health care than barack obama. he's for a huge 5.7 tax billion tax dollar increase.
1:38 pm
he's taking property and turning it over the businesses to make profits. >> you did hit him up for money. he can come back and say if i'm such a low sm figure. >> he invited us to come and said i want to give you money and we're happy to take anybody's contribution. we use it to promote pro growth policies. >> he says that's not the case and you say that is the case. >> we're going to always tell the truth about his record. he can go be the entertainer, the carnival worker who says look at this letter, don't pay attention i'm for tax increases and other liberal policies but we're going to keep pointing that out to the voters. >> david, thank you very much. glad you took the time. >> thank you. >> there's been a bit of crime weight in new york lately and bill de blasio, the mayor is getting ripped a new one over it. now there's a challenger
1:39 pm
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test test. 4r7s. .... .... will 12k3w4r6r7b89s don says this is why he's considering running for mayor. the place is out of control. don's a democrat, take a look. >> the direction that the city is going, the mayor let us down. he promised to bring the city together. he promised to address income and equity. the tail of two cities. the biggest challenge that new york has confronted every day, especially those on the lower end of the economic end is crime. >> what's going on around here? in the beginning it was added that you saw the guys out full force. more homeless people. that could be an indictment of
1:43 pm
general economy as well. certainly, new york isn't feeling as safe as it was. what's happening? >> it's a combination thing. one, new york is not safer. i think the mayor, he's a political strategist. he's never been an executive or manager. bill de blasio is an optic mayor. he'll take statistics and mediate them. de blasio takes the murder number and says murder the -- shootings are up. maybe the hospitals are doing a better job. new york is less safe and the types of crime we're seeing now is more aggressive and more random like what we saw at the west indian celebration. a harvard educated lawyer who pulls himself up. he's currently a senior, legal adviser to the governor and shot randomly. >> he's a current aid. it was random in his case. he wasn't a target.
1:44 pm
he was caught up in between the gun fire. >> yes, hiding for cover. so our city is less safe. >> paul, the argument against that is get back to stopping frisk. others said that alleviated us. if you ever became mayor, would you reinstate that? >> i don't support anything that discriminates on law enforcement. across the board i think we've got to be much more aggressive in getting guns out of the hands of criminals. >> that's not what i asked. would you stop them? >> the major hasn't stopped them. he's just reduced it. i think, i'm not sure whether it would be stop and frisk but some form of aggressive technique that would get guns out of the hands of criminals. >> the rap against that approach would be it's racial profiling and they would get you on racial profiling, right. >> i think it's economic profiling more than anything else. i'm an african american and i'm not afraid to be stopped and
1:45 pm
frisked because i don't fit a profile and i'm not in an environment of economic negligent. i think that the large number of people stopped for stop and frisk were men of color and i think that has to be broadened. if stop and frisk were a policy where it would cover everyone then that would be a different story. but regardless, if it's not stop and fritsing, something has to be done. bill de blasio mentioned in response to this shooting it's a national issue of gun control. it's not a national issue. new yorkers are being murdered and shot. >> the national -- going on of extreme liberalism. there's a lot this mayor, maybe emanual experienced in chicago has given away far too much. it's in the pocket of far too cozy democratic group in his case and people of all stripes,
1:46 pm
particularly democrats are rebelled hence your name coming up as a more resent challenger to the mayor. >> i think deblash owe is left of being a democrat. he's more of a socialist. >> what are you? >> i'm a democrat with a responsible approach to management. >> would you worry that your party nationally, especially with the surge of bernie sanders risk doing this thing? >> i think they're going to lose and there are the party will lose a lot of con stitch wants. like african americans, for example. they are tough on crime. african americans believe in a strong education because it's the only pathway to a better life. >> did they ever go republican? >> i think they will begin to look more because the policies we're seeing now is from the left side of the democratic party or not effective. bill de blasio promised to end the tail of two cities, yet in
1:47 pm
two years in office the minority contracting for african american and hispanic owned businesses is 9 tenths of 1%. that is absurdly poor performance. >> you're definitely running. >> i'm giving a lot of thought to it. >> you're definitely running. >> i'm giving a lot of thought to it. >> all right. so we're getting details now on the hillary clinton with abc on the private e-mail controversy quoting from hillary clinton that was a mistake, i'm sorry. john on that after this. i have moderate to severe crohn's disease. it's tough, but i've managed. but managing my symptoms was all i was doing. so when i finally told my doctor, he said humira is for adults like me who have tried other medications but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease. and that in clinical studies, the majority of patients on humira saw significant symptom relief.
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>> all right. hillary clinton has apparently apologized for using a private e-mail server in her home while she was secretary of state quoted from that interview. that was a mistake. sorry about. that i take responsibility. reaction right now from ohio governor presidential john kasich who joins me on phone i think from brookline, new hampshire. governor, good to have you. what do you make of that? she apologized for doing this. >> well, it's hard for me to understand why she had a servener her house. i don't know what they were thinking. you know, this is one where she waited and waited and waited and got to the point where she has to say sorry. i understand she is going to ohio columbus, ohio, trying to soften things up, send a message. >> what do you make of that, she is trying to reboot her image and all that? >> well, i mean, i think if it's not working you go and reboot. right?
1:52 pm
i think that's what you do, or else you pack it in and say, you know, it didn't work. i don't know if i would ever, i don't know if i've ever tried to reboot my image, neil. did you try to rebought yours? you have. i know you have. >> all the time. if it's not on the prompter, governor, i don't know who the heck i am. governor, let me ask you, you seen this testimony over kim davis. she's the kentucky clerk released from jail. i had her lawyer on saying she will return to her job. ostensibly nothing changes. what do you think of that whole dust-up? i remember you on the presidential debate, like it or not, it is the law of the land. in fact, you won applause for that and your own comments of having gone to a gay marriage, yourself? what do you make of this, how it will go, if it gets resolved at all? >> my sense is when are you a government employee or elected official, i think you got to abide by the ruling of the court. i don't -- i favor traditional marriage.
1:53 pm
ohio actually has in its constitution a traditional marriage. but the court overruled it and said. i have been willing to accept it. the other thing i would say, neil, about this whole issue is that, you know, we have a lot of young people that have walked away from or are confused or uncertain about personal faith. one of the things i know that's so great about it, being a flawed plan is thank god we have grace. so sometimes i think people. you know, you have your personal views. it's how you handle them. in this case, when young people or people who are looking at what is religion all about? what is faith all about? when they see dust-ups like this, my concern is they go, they would go the other way and say, look, i don't want anything to do with that. so i understand her concern. i don't agree with what her decision has been. but i also think we have bigger fish to fry in terms of the
1:54 pm
whole issue of faith and what it means. because for me, it means i can forgive, forgiven. it means i am supposed to live a life bigger than myself. it means i have to be aware of those who are the downtroden. the widows, the orphans, so that's kind of how i look at it, neil. >> so when you see governor mike huckabee there, ted cruz there, do you think they should be there? >> well, look, i, you know, i love huckabee. you know, he's a good guy and i just, i have given you my position and that's how i feel about it, personally. >> now, i'm sorry. i wasn't clear, they're there. do you think they're political grandstanding politically? >> well, do i think they're grandstanding? no, i don't know these guys are grandstanders. they have views. that's fine. you know my position. and that's what i'm sticking with and i don't really need to comment on what other people are doing. >> you know, governor, i mean, your vies have not hurt you with
1:55 pm
whatever the religious rite, whatever. you are second in new hampshire. nationally, i believe are you surging as well. you always come out on top. if republicans didn't get their first choice, who is the number one second choice? that's a good position to be in. you have done this without the shouting, rantding, raving, that has been pretty much defined this campaign. what do you make of that and whether how you go through and pierce that noise? and register and resonate with voters? >> well, i mean, first of all, neil, you know, i have been a conservative all my lifetime, all my political career and people know that. government is the last resort, not always the first resort. >> you know what your critics say to that, governor, about the medicaid. you explained it saves money in the long run. they are opened to bigger government than your columns? >> well, i don't think -- look, i think government has a role. i mean, but i actually want to shift the law of power money and
1:56 pm
influence out of walk. i tried to do it all my life. let me ask you a question -- these people that criticized me, were they the chief architect of the last time we cut the budget? did they cut the federal gains tax? did they take the state 8 million into a hole and move it to a 2ple surplus? have they strengthened their state? have they been able to grow over 300,000 jobs? look, they have massive school choice like i have. have they given, created a provision where a ceo can take over the school district and straighten the thing out? you know, it's okay. but i have to also tell you that i believe conservatism is also giving opportunity to people who live in the shadows. i believe that. >> okay. >> get them on their feet. i don't know if you know this, i was involved in federal welfare reform. >> i remember it well. >> so i'm not so worried about what they say and we are doing well and part of it i think, neil, is the fact that i have a
1:57 pm
record and people want to see the plan. they're frustrated. they don't trust politicians. but i have been able to land planes and most of the time the passengers have been happy. >> governor john kasich, thank you very much. >> that will do it. is one of them. when i brush my teeth, he gets a milk-bone brushing chew. just another way to keep ourselves healthy. i'll go change.
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